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Project Management. World-Class Design. Advanced CMS Development.

It all starts with effective project management. Our team of web strategists and project managers work closely with our clients to provide website planning services and support before beginning the web design and development phases. We help you lay a firm foundation of what your site will say and how it will say it. Our designers and developers then move forward with building your project using industry best practices, advanced development techniques, and world-class design.

Define and Plan

We take the time to meet you in person and listen to your needs.

Our collaborative approach, experience, and exhaustive research produces an effective website that is customized for your business or organization’s unique needs. Our team of designers and strategists interviews your team to understand your business objectives, understand your audience, and evaluate your competition. Together we’ll develop a thorough project brief detailing your goals, objectives, and expectations for our development team. Our iterative planning process gives you complete transparency letting you know what you can expect at every stage of the process.

Project management strategy keeps your project on time and on budget.

Architecture and Navigation: The site map and wire frames are built in this stage and presented to you for timely review and feedback. Once these essential elements are approved we move to the design phase.

Design and Refine

Our design process is client-driven.

Design: Our world-class designers use the best tools to design your web pages and custom site elements. We develop mockups of content and images that lets you focus on the visual design of your website. This includes the typography, graphics, layout, and buttons for social media, RSS feeds, shopping cart, and other add-ons that work for you. We present these design deliverables to you for your timely review and feedback. Once approved, we move to the development phase.

Develop and Test

Develop: Asaraa’s experienced developers use industry best practices and the latest development techniques to build your site on a solid foundation. Our developers use a tried and tested framework to build your website in a secure, stable, and reliable environment. We specialize in PHP, Smarty and Laravel giving us a deep understanding of its tools, plugins, compatibility, and best practices.

Testing: We exhaustively test your website for usability, readability, security, and stability. Asaraa also reviews browser compatibility and code. We make sure your site renders properly in the latest versions of major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Launch and Maintain

Launching and transitioning to your new site is a breeze.

Launch: We will migrate your website to your server or hosting site, conduct quality assurance and testing, and provide you with all project code and data. In addition, we also provide on-site training on maintaining and updating your site, as well as monitoring site activity using tools like Google Analytics.

Maintain: We also provide maintenance services so you can focus on your business and we’ll focus on keeping your site up-to-date. Need hosting and server management? We offer a Web Hosting and backup services to ensure your site is live and functioning properly. We seek long-term relationships with our clients, and can help your site evolve as your business grows and advances.

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