Our Services

Are you in search of a good IT solution provider? Then you are at the right place. Yes at Asaraa Technologies you can get all your IT solutions done under one roof. We have well trained experts who use the latest cutting edge technologies to give you the best IT solutions at affordable rates. Asaraa Technologies is an IT silo where you can get all your IT solutions done according to your requirements. To discover the world inventiveness link hands with Asaraa Technologies. Asaraa Technologies provides the following IT solutions for its valuable client's worldwide.

Apart from the mentioned services we also provide other services like Graphic design, logo design, corporate identity, header design and many more. Our experts at Asaraa Technologies will assist you 24/7 to fulfill your requirements. There is no one to understand your business needs better than us. At Asaraa Technologies we deliver the work on time and we do not compromise on quality.

  • Web DesigningOpen or Close

    Are you looking out for a good web designing company? You are at the right place. Lend your hands towards Asaraa Technologies and we will give you the best web designing service you can ever get. Our experts will design websites that will draw the attention of people to visit your website more often. We not only design websites we also take up re-designing work. We are ready to make any changes to your existing website and we will give your site a new look. It is of no use if you have a website and no one can understand what you are actually trying to sell or tell. We at Asaraa Technologies utilize luminous web designing methods, creative thoughts, and advanced tools to append allure to your website.

    The exceptionally talented team at Asaraa Technologies gives our esteemed clients the supreme design with the latest cutting edge technology incorporated in the designs at affordable rates. We believe in customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver quality and on time work to our esteemed patron's.

  • Web DevelopmentOpen or Close

    Web development is nothing but developing a website that can be viewed on the internet by the people. Apart from designing a web site writing the coding for the site is also a part of web development. Web experts say that web development means the non-design parts of developing a web site i.e. writing the script and coding for a web site means web development. In web development one can develop a single page and even develop complex web based internet application.

    Asaraa Technologies assist you to gain a competitive edge by constantly improving your web based business ERP & HR solutions. We undertake web development services based on popular web programming languages like PHP/MySQL, ASP.Net, Java Script, Oracle & MS Access and many more...

    At Asaraa Technologies we provide our clients affordable web development services that aid to recognize business potential and make you stay head of the contest. We have extremely talented web developers who have sound knowledge in web development.

  • Mobile Apps DevelopmentOpen or Close

    Asaraa Technology challenge a role of exclusive mobile application development. We offer a unique Mobile Application platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more.

  • Data EntryOpen or Close

    Data Entry is a process of entering data into a database. While entering the data into the database one has to see to that the data entered is correct, accessible and relevant to what the user has given. You can get affordable data entry services only at Asaraa Technologies. We have experts and well trained professional handling data entry projects at Asaraa Technologies. Our experts will help you in entering the data in papers or files given by you to the required format prescribed by you with no errors what so ever. In data entry work accuracy plays a vital role and our data entry experts will maintain the accuracy specified by you.

    We at Asaraa Technologies have the capacity to convert any type of work to the prescribed given by the client. Our quality control staff uses the latest technology to maintain the quality in data entry work. We the latest technology our experts are able to handle various kinds of data using different formats. We take pleasure in saying that we have an outstanding reputation for delivering exceptional and eminence work on time.

  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)Open or Close

    Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is used promote a website i.e. SEO is a web promotion technique that is used to increase traffic to a web site. In those days business people used to promote their business by giving advertisements in newspapers. But in today's fast growing internet world people have learnt to adapt to the latest technologies erupting nowadays. In the current scenario the best way to promote your business is through the internet. Many people wonder how we can promote the business through the internet. To promote your business through the internet you first need a develop a website, then you need buy a domain, then you need to host the website on a server then only the site can be accessed or viewed by others., then you need to prepare the content. After all this is ready you need to optimize your website so that you can get more visitors to visit your site and increase your sales.

    At Asaraa Technologies we have experts who will be optimizing your website. Our experts understand your requirements and will do their best to increase your sales. We provide you affordable search engine optimization services (SEO). Though we provide our patrons with affordable search engine optimization services we do not comprise on quality. We will guide you in all respects when it comes to optimizing your website.

  • Content DevelopmentOpen or Close

    While developing or writing content for a website one needs to see to that the content written is in simple words i.e. it should be easily understandable by the person reading your website. He should be able to understand what your website or are actually trying to convey. Content should always be interesting in such a way that it makes the person read more and makes them visit your website again. We have excellent content developers at Asaraa Technologies who are involved in writing the content for website.

    The content in your website plays an important role as it helps to attract people to visit your website. Apart from visiting the website if the content is catchy people will offer a hand to do business with you as a result your sales will increase. You can have the best website designed from a good company, but if your content is not simple and catchy it is of no use. A good content is one that should be simple, easily understandable in such a way that it keeps the reader engaged in your website for a longer time. At Asaraa Technologies you can get professional content development for your website. We have well trained content developers at Asaraa Technologies who are involved in writing the content for you website

  • Open source customizationOpen or Close

    Open source is a script that is developed by the open community free of cost or you will need to pay small amount or you will have to sign an agreement.

    The experts at Asaraa Technologies work comprehensively on open source customization techniques to meet up to the requirements of our esteemed patron's. Our experts at Asaraa Technologies make an intensive study on what open source customization technique will best suite our client's requirements.

    The professionals at Asaraa Technologies are very skilled and are ready to make any variations in the Open Source scripts.

    The Open Source Customization services that we provide our patron's worldwide are:

    oScommerce customization
    Drupal customization
    Joomla customization
    Magento customization
    Zen cart customization
    Social Engines
    PHPBB customization
    X-cart customization
    PHPNuke customization
    Mambo customization
    Word Press and many more.